What does Om Mean?

Are you wondering what does Om mean exactly? 

Why would you want to return to it?! (My business is called Return To Om, in case you missed that!). 

Read on and let me explain its origins, its meaning and why it’s so important in the work I do. 

What does Om Mean. Return To Om Sheffield. Reiki Sheffield

Om is the sound of the universe. It is the original sound. The void from where all creation came from. The womb of the cosmos. Still with me?! 

Let’s go into more detail. Om originated in Vedic Sanskrit texts (and was later expanded upon further in the Upanishads) between 1500 – 1200 B.C. It is a sacred sound in Hinduism and Buddhism. It also has roots in Jainism. (1)

Om (or Aum as it’s pronounced) has three parts A, U, M, that represent – 

The three worlds: the Earth, the Universe and the atmosphere

The three states in the manifest world: waking, dreaming and dreamless sleep.

The three main Hindu Gods: Vishnu, Shiva and Brahma. 

& many other important triads. (2) 

It is also related to manifestation, creation and destruction of energy. Like the birth, death and rebirth cycle. 


The Om sound is the vibration of creation, manifestation and the universe itself. It carries a frequency of life force energy. 

Om and the Womb

The womb itself is the creator of life, the carrier of life. It is a watery, dark and beautiful space where we all began. A mysterious void where the spark of life begins. Where the spark of creation, not just the creation of life, but projects, ideas and intuition begins. 

Om is the first sound, the beginning of the universe and creation itself. It came from nothingness, from darkness – & created sound and energy. 

The womb and Om are one – as the energy of creation: Life force, life bringer, the void of transformation. Where life begins – where there once was no life, no sound.  

Calling on the power of Om during a womb practice (such as a Womb Connection session) can bring us back into balance with our womb energy. The cosmic womb and our own womb’s pure and powerful energy. Your womb’s energy is there – trust me – this innate womb energy is waiting for you to tap into it again. (Learn how to do so in a Womb Connection session with me!)

Why would we want to Return To Om?

To me returning to Om means returning back to our original self. Our innocence, our pure energy – before we had to adapt to survive due to social conditioning. 

Return To Om means a return to our true selves. A peeling back of the layers of bullshit that we had to don as masks to protect ourselves, to keep ourselves as one of the herd, to not step out of line in fear of being ostracized for being different. 

To Return To Om is to turn away from and remove these masks. 

To call back our true power, our true authentic self & let the rest fall away. 

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How to Work with Om

If you have come to me for a session, you may have experienced me chanting or singing Om. I do this to ask for balance in the womb, physical body or energetic body of my client. Om is also a gateway sound to connect in deeper to the energies around us. The energy of the Universe, Life Force Energy, The Divine Feminine, The Divine Masculine – to name but a few!

Om is central to my Reiki practice. I chant Om daily and in every session I do with myself and clients – Womb Connection, Reiki and Holistic Reiki Massage

The easiest ways to begin to work with Om are:

1. Chanting/singing. Take a nice, long, centering deep breath and sigh it out. Repeat Om as many times as feels right for you. Or follow along on with Om chanting music on YouTube. Remember there is power in our words and this power is amplified with intention and direction. So set an intention before you start. E.g.  repeat an intention such as, “I call in peace to my heart” before you begin chanting or singing. 

2. Meditation. Visualize the Om symbol – scroll up for a pic of it. Sit with this image and allow your focus to zone in on the energy of the Om. Breathe gently and allow a sense of peace and balance to wash over you. 

3. Art. Create a painting or sketch of the Om symbol. This can be a beautiful way to connect to your creativity and the Om symbol. Make sure to treat the Om symbol with respect if you choose to do this as it is a sacred sound and symbol. 

4. Visualization. Visualize the Om symbol over each of your chakras. Starting at the base chakra. Breathe gently and deeply as you move slowly up through your chakras one at a time. Notice how you feel after this practice.

5. Listen to my Vocal Sound Healing Experience with the Om sound below. I created this experience to balance the Heart Chakra and enhance your self love. Scroll down to listen to it.

5. Have a Reiki session with me. The Om sound is integral to Reiki, for me anyway! It is the sound of the universe – the energy of life force energy. It can amplify and deepen the connection between the recipient and the universe itself. This makes way for a stronger connection between you and your Higher Self, your Life Purpose, your True Self, your Ancestors, your Guides and so much more! Click here for more information.

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Ready To Work With Me?

If you would like some one-to-one guidance on how to connect with Om, or you would like to connect in to your true self on a deeper level – consider booking in for a Reiki session with me, Return To Om. 

You can find all the information here

I also offer Womb Connection sessions. These beautiful sessions enable you to connect in to the innate power of your womb.

If you would prefer to focus on other areas of the body and experience deep relaxation, I offer Holistic Reiki Massage sessions too. 

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Click below to experience Vocal Sound Healing by me with the Om sound.

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