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Frequently Asked Questions

Womb Connection sessions, with Return To Om, are available for women and people who  menstruate/d who want to connect to their womb energy, balance their inner cycles, release tension and much more. If you do not have a physical womb you can still connect to your energetic/innate womb energy and feminine energy. Please use the contact form above to see if a Womb Connection session is the right choice for you. 

Yes, I am very happy to announce that in-person sessions are now available at The Practice Rooms – 5 Broomfield Rd, Sheffield, S10 2SE, U.K. You can book a session by using the contact form above or by sending me an email. Online sessions are available via Zoom.

Yes, energy healing works through time and space. Reiki practitioners are able to connect to your energetic body even if they can’t see you or if there is distance between you both. I have been practicing distance healing for over 4 years, sending Reiki and energy healing to people all over the world – Vietnam, Ireland, Canada, Austria, the U.K. and more! We do not need to be in the same room for you to reap all of the benefits of energy healing. 

Yes, you can have a Womb Connection session at any stage of your cycle. However, I do recommend resting fully when you have your monthly bleed. So you may wish to book a session before or after your monthly bleed. 

During in-person Womb Connection (Womb & Fertility Massage) sessions the areas that are massaged are: On the back – from the tops of the shoulders to the upper glutes. On the front – from the ribs to the top of the pubic bone – as long as you are comfortable with these areas being massaged.

Please use the contact form above and I will be happy to answer any questions you may have. 

In-person sessions are available at The Practice Rooms in Sheffield until June 30th 2023.
Please see the map below for the location. Please use the form above to book a session.