Free Resources

Here are some free resources to guide you on your spiritual journey.

Begin your Womb Journey with my Womb and Heart Connection Guided Meditation

Womb Massage Sheffield, Fertility Massage

Continue to deepen your connection to your womb with my Nourish Your Womb meditation

Here are my 5 easy and doable tips to connect to your womb.

This video is a great place to start if you want to connect to the energy of your womb.

Learn about what really happens when you begin to heal your womb.

Womb Connection vocal sound healing song.

Termination Aftercare - Vocal Sound Healing.

Om Vocal Sound Healing for the Heart Chakra

My Grounding Meditation - connect with the Earth's energy and your Root Chakra

Vocal Sound Healing For After Baby Loss & Womb Grief

Here are some books I highly recommend for your womb journey.

If you would like to know my own personal story around Womb Connection, Yoga and Reiki please watch this video. 

You will learn about how a medical “mishap” led me down this path of alternative womb health. 

Learn how to connect with and use Oracle Cards.

This is my first ever YouTube video!

Receive a guided
Womb and Heart Connection Meditation here: