Womb and Heart Connection Meditation

Here is your Womb and Heart Connection Meditation. You will receive a copy to your email address too. Make sure to bookmark this page so you can return to the meditation again easily. Scroll down for the meditation below. 

This is a very relaxing meditation – you may fall asleep during it. So please set an alarm to wake you up afterwards if you need one! I recommend listening to this meditation at least once a week to strengthen the connection between your womb and heart.

Deepening the connection between your womb and your heart is a beautiful way to increase self connection, self love, creativity and pleasure in life. Connecting to yourself regularly through meditation is key to building a life long relationship with your womb and your heart. If you find this meditation difficult or frustrating at first, that is ok and to be expected. Keep trying and please be gentle with yourself. It can take time to feel the beginning of energetic connection. You may see images in your mind’s eye, feel sensations of moving/pulsing energy, feel temperature changes or you may feel pure relaxation and peace. Allow it all and don’t try to force a result. Ease is the way forward, try and let it flow!  

If you no longer have a womb please know that you can still connect to the energetic imprint of your womb, or the cosmic womb of the universe where we all came from. 

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Thank you ❤️

Joanne Murphy Sheffield. Return To Om. Womb massage. Reiki Sheffield


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Womb and Heart Connection Meditation: