Womb Connection

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Here you will read some information about Womb Connection sessions with Return To Om. 


Do you currently feel disconnected from/want to deepen your connection to your feminine energy, your true self, your womb and your intuition? 

Do you long to tap into your innate creativity, desires and passion?

Are you experiencing symptoms or issues such as heavy periods, PMS, endometriosis, fibroids, PCOS, painful sex, grief, lack of passion, low sex drive, mood swings, menstrual cramps, difficult peri-menopausal or menopausal symptoms, hormonal imbalance, a feeling of emptiness or disconnection? 

Have you have tried various avenues looking for help but found that they haven’t worked for you because you didn’t feel fully listened to? Perhaps you are in need a more spiritual, energetic and holistic approach.

Are you in search of something more connected, heart-felt and spiritual? Are you longing for a deeper connection to the Divine Feminine? 

Would you like to experience Womb Connection and Womb & Fertility Massage?

If any of the above statements and questions resonate, or click, with you – please read on to see if Womb Connection is the next step for you on your healing journey. 

Do  you want to connect on a deeper energetic level with your womb space, higher self and the universe itself?

Womb Connection sessions can reconnect you with your womb, your cycles, your creativity, your inner knowing, your higher self, your inner power – with the truest form of yourself. 

These tailor made sessions focus on exactly what you – your womb, your body and your mind need. You will be fully listened to you and be given the space to ask for what you need. Throughout the session you will be guided back onto the path towards your own personal power. 

Your intuition, your womb and your higher self direct the sessions to where they need to go. 

Your practitioner, Joanne Murphy, is the facilitator, the connecter, the transmitter, the one who opens the gate and supports you as you yourself cross the threshold from disconnect into whole bodied and soul led Womb Connection.


Please note in these sessions – the energy meets you where you are at. This means if you have never connected to your womb before, if you have never meditated or even thought about your womb before now – these sessions are still 100% for you. 

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Each Womb Connection session is 90 minutes completely dedicated to what you and your womb are in need of.  

I -Joanne, your practitioner -work intuitively in each session. This means I listen to what you, your womb, your higher self and the universe want you to experience. The session may focus more on developing your connection with your womb, your heart, the Earth, the universe or combination of all of the above. No two sessions are identical. 

You will experience a combination of Womb & Fertility Massage, Reiki, Vocal Sound Healing, Breathwork, Guided Meditation and Rebozo wrapping and rocking. Womb & Fertility massage increases blood flow to the reproductive and sacral areas. This encourages new, fresh blood to circulate and decreases tension in the fascia (connective muscle tissue) around the reproductive organs and sacral areas.

Your session may focus more on the energetic side – such as Reiki – or more on the physical side – massage, pulsing, acupressure points and/or holds – depending on your individual needs. 

Please note – If you no longer have a womb you will still be able to connect to the energetic imprint of your womb and the cosmic womb of the universe – where we all came from.

Each 90 minute session includes time to share your current state/needs at the beginning of the session and time to share what came up in the session (images, sensations, realizations etc.) towards the end of the 90 minutes.


Here is a blog I wrote that dives deeper into:

– What is Womb Connection?

– Why is Womb Connection so necessary to thrive?

– How to connect to your womb. 

Click the picture to read… 

What can Womb Connection Sessions help with?

Womb Connection sessions help with – 

– Endometriosis

– Fibroids

– P.C.O.S.

– Fertility challenges

– Heavy periods (Menorrhagia)

– Painful periods (Dysmenorrhea)

– Irregular/lack of periods (Amenorrhea)

– The transition to/from perimenopause and/or menopause


– Support during IVF

– Child loss and miscarriage support

– Termination aftercare

– Tension in the pelvis, lower back and abdomen

– Hormonal fluctuations

– Lack of pleasure in life

– Loss of creativity

– Loss of passion

– Fear and/or anger around the challenges of being a woman/person who menstruates

– Stress around trying to conceive

– Loss of direction in life

– Grief release and processing

– Healing the mother wound

– Healing your ancestral line

– and so much more. 


– If your symptoms/issues are not listed here please do contact me and we can discuss if Womb Connection is the right choice for you. 

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Online Session Information:


For online Womb Connection sessions you will need a comfortable space to relax in private. You can set up an area with blankets and a pillow as you will most likely be more comfortable lying down. You will need to have some oil that is suitable for massage (such as almond or coconut oil) and a scarf/shawl that you won’t mind getting a small amount of oil on. If womb massage is included in the session the areas that will be focused on are the whole abdomen, sides and sacrum. You can set up a small altar with crystals etc. in your space – if this is something you are comfortable doing. Have some water nearby too. You can use headphones if you wish. Towards the end of the 90 minutes, we will spend some time discussing any insights, sensations, images or feelings that may have come through during the session. You can take notes in a notebook at this stage if you wish. I will also offer some recommendations or practices for you to try at home after the session too. 

In Person Session Information:


For in person Womb Massage the areas that are focused on are the shoulders, back and abdomen. I massage from the base of the ribs down to the top of the pubic bone on the front and from the tops of the shoulders to the top half of glutes on the back, as long as you are comfortable with these areas being massaged. Towards the end of the 90 minutes, we will spend some time discussing any insights, sensations, images or feelings that may have come through during the session. You can take notes in a notebook at this stage if you wish. I will also offer some recommendations or practices for you to try at home after the session too. 

If you would like to learn more about Womb Connection sessions with Return To Om, please watch this video. 

I discuss in detail what happens in a Womb Connection session. 

This includes the consultation form, Womb & Fertility Massage, Reiki, Womb Connection, Vocal Sound Healing, Meditation, Visualization and Rebozo wrapping and rocking. 


There is a Frequently asked questions section here. You can also contact me if you have any further questions or queries. 


90 minute in person Womb Connection Session: £65 

90 minute online Womb Connection Session: £65